Yogurt jars and meat trays will soon be recyclable in France

In a few years there will be a new habit in the everyday life of all French households consuming yogurt and meat or even fish: the pots and dishes (composed of polystyrene) they contain can be recycled. This innovation is possible thanks to a consortium of agri-food producers, such as: Lactalis, Yoplait and Bigard, we can read on the site of BFM.

Need the financing of this new sector for the recycling of yoghurt pots and meat or fish trays 18 months of work. The manufacturers indicated in a press release on Thursday 27 January that they “commitment to participate in financing the start-up of a French polystyrene recycling sector” to “be part of a circular economy”.

This initiative is part of the AGEC law on the circular economy. The amounts committed have not been disclosed, but several investments in polystyrene chemical recycling plants have been identified in recent months. They must be established in 2025.

By recycling yogurt pots and meat and fish trays, hundreds of tons of polystyrene could be recycled in France every year.

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