Without money, Alexis, 20, makes a beautiful short film about the 14-18 war

You have to believe in your dreams. It’s not Alexis, 20, who will tell you otherwise. After five years of hard work, his short film is titled dilute, the first line just came out. Despite a budget that made little sense, the young director managed to translate the atmosphere of the trenches of the First World War in a spectacular way. And the public seems to agree: in six weeks the short film has already been viewed more than 230,000 times on Youtube.

Interviewed by neo, tells the young director backstage of this special project, which is being carried out at the same time as his studies. Thanks to the help of a farmer who lent him his field, a neighbor who dug a trench with his backhoe loader, his aunt who made all the costumes by hand and the people around him who, in the shoes of former Poilus, film it in two days. A foot!

At the age of 20, Alexis makes a spectacular short film about the First World War with no money

At just 20 years old and without any resources, Alexis wrote, produced and directed an incredible short film about World War I, and it’s already a hit on YouTube!

Posted by Neo on Friday 11 March 2022

To discover his short film in its entirety, it is here.

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