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Without milk and without palm oil: here is the gourmet recipe for vegan spread

Spreads are the indulgence of many people. At breakfast, as a snack or at the end of the evening for pure indulgence, this snack is suitable for both the youngest and the oldest. But how can you continue to enjoy this delicacy if you want to avoid dairy products? Commercially, the most well-known spread is far from a gift to the environment and health, while the plant-based versions can increase a household’s slate. To save money and decide what to put in your body, here’s the recipe for a non-milk spread.

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For this you need:

  • a bar of vegan dark chocolate
  • a vegetable oil (choose your own taste)
  • two handfuls of almonds and hazelnuts
  • sugar as desired
  • a pinch of salt
  • a glass jar

For the rest we leave you in the hands of Alexandre Leroux, the youtuber who lives “in a tiny house, in a smooth transition to degrowth”

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