With this game, the more you sort your garbage, the more you earn

Do you think it is easy to sort your waste? However, according to the latest research by Ademe, the ecological transition agency, in 2019 the French threw away almost 582 kg of household waste. Of this, only 19% was collected separately for recycling. So, in a fun way to raise awareness of selective sorting, Triakaz has created a mobile game that promises: “Make sorting addictive”, in the words of creator Claudy Lombion. Following the same principle as Candy Crush, BeeBee Worldwhat we already told you about here, raises awareness of selective sorting and promotes eco gestures. New: in the latest version, launched on March 23, the green game augmented reality experiments to go from virtual sorting to real sorting. explanation.

Visual: © Triakaz

With this mobile game, the whole family will learn how to properly sort their waste and thus save the environment, symbolized by a very cute bee. The principle is simple: all you have to do is line up three pieces of garbage that go into the same sorting bin to go to the next level. And thanks to augmented reality, in BeeBee World you can now: go from a virtual sorting game to a garbage collection, she is very real. How? ‘Or what? By taking your sorted packaging (glass bottles, plastic bottles or aluminum cans) to one of the 15 partner collection points, spread over five municipalities in the department of Guadeloupe (Anse-Bertrand, Moule, Morne-à-l’ Water, Petit-Canal and Port Louis).

Here the goal is not to catch funny creatures like in Pokemon Go, but to collect recyclable packaging and from put them in the right container† Once this is done, all you need to do is scan the QR code on the dumpster with your smartphone. There you can then convert your points earned in the game into vouchers from local merchants, partners of BeeBee World. The goal is twofold according to Claudy Lombion, at the initiative of the mobile game: “encourage selective sorting by rewarding players for their gesture with vouchers while supporting local shops

Visual: © Triakaz

Award-winning waste sorting

As you will have understood, BeeBee World in augmented reality version is available only in the territory of Guadeloupe for the time being. However, Claudy Lombion makes sure that she “could be expanded on a national scale and why not on a European scale! †† And if you don’t live in Guadeloupe, you can still play the virtual garbage sorting game!

tagged “Green technical innovation” of the Ministry of Ecological Transition, this innovative collection meets the call for projects from the latter, the eco-organization Citeo en Ademe for “to reduce the geographical disparities between the inhabitants of large urban areas”† And rightly so, according to Citeo, they would sort their waste twice as often as in rural and semi-rural areas. A significant shortfall given that the French government has committed to switching to 100% recycled plastics by 2025.

Ready to dive in the BeeBee World universe and to actively participate in waste sorting † Find the game Beebee World for free on play shop Where Apple Store and save the world from the BeeBee

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