With this app you will learn sign language in no time

On Thursday 10 March, a brand new app for learning sign language was released on the occasion of National Hearing Day. HiFiVE! called, allows you to communicate with the hearing impaired, as well as to be heard in all circumstances.

The ambition of HiFiVE! is to democratize sign language and make it accessible to all to promote communication and inclusion. It presents itself as a game and is intended for both family members of the hearing impaired and the new generation, to be able to express themselves with their hands and make themselves understood in every situation. Indeed, sign language can be helpful in exchanging information undisturbed in a library, flirting in a nightclub without yelling, or even communicating underwater.

Before launch, the application proposes to discover a rich lexicon of more than 800 words and 1,200 sentences, spread over 110 episodes around themes of everyday life.

HiFiVE! is available on Android and iOS. The first “episodes” are free, but you’ll need to take out a subscription to use them, from 5.49 euros per month to 39.99 euros per year for one person. Family packages are also available.

Note that there are already several applications that allow you to practice sign language, starting with the Elix dictionary.

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