With her A-frame house of less than 50,000 euros, Elizabeth Faure inspires hundreds of French people

A house of 180 m2 for 40,000 euros, can you believe it? Elizabeth Faure did it! At the age of 65, this architect took advantage of her retirement to build her house in wood and in this particular triangular shape, so much so that it resembles an “A”. 10 years after the start of her project, Elizabeth Faure has become THE reference for A-frame houses, or “A-Frame”, on the Web. On her YouTube channel, where she is followed by more than 12,000 people, and on her website, she has documented the construction of her house and offers advice to those who want to get started too.

Because if the price of this type of house is so low, it is for two reasons: firstly, because there are no walls. “It’s just a roof”specifies the builder for ‘s cameras France 3† Then, because it is easy to build and therefore makes it possible to reduce or even avoid labor costs, a cost that weighs heavily on housing budgets.

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“There are many young people who want to live differently, independently, on the ground. Otherwise, it will only be the rich who have wheat, otherwise we will go into debt for 25 years.”, analyzes Elizabeth Faure, who caused a real craze for triangular houses. According to France 3more than a hundred buildings of this style are being built in France.

If the topic interests you, you can discover Elizabeth Faure’s YouTube channel and browse her website.

Watch the France 3 video via this link.

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