With “gourde friendly” you fill your reusable bottle for free at dealers

What could be worse than walking, running or cycling for hours under the blazing sun and discovering… that your water bottle is empty? If this happens to you, don’t panic! There’s now an ecological movement to fill your reusable bottle for free wherever you are (or almost).

Do you already know the #GourdeFriendly? With this useful, innovative and eco-friendly move, partner companies agree to refill your water bottle for free. Objective: to drastically reduce the consumption of plastic water bottles. The good news is that several hundred French companies (including bars and restaurants) have joined the movement, and not just in major cities.

The interactive map, which lists all branches and the public filling points, can be discovered here.

Hoali, a Breton start-up, is at the origin of this movement to limit the environmental impact of plastic. Co-founder Alexandre Solacolu explains that the idea was born on a hot day when he ran out of water and was about to buy a bottle to rehydrate himself. He explains to our brothers and sisters of 20 minutes that he wouldn’t have at that time “never dare to ask for an exchange.”

If your water bottle is empty from now on, just check the map where you can refill it for free. In exchange for this small service offered to visitors, partner companies gain visibility.

Water and other drinks

And it may well be that water bottle refills aren’t just limited to water. The Hoali company wants to offer beer, cider, lemonade or iced tea in bulk. A nationwide experiment should begin this summer to resolve the issue of pricing, as not all gourds have the same capacity.

A wonderful initiative that deserves recognition.

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