Why put an aluminum ball in your washing machine?

Tired of wearing shaggy clothes that stick to the skin and sparkle? Don’t panic, we offer you a simple, quick and effective trick to remove static electricity and find linen as silky as it comes out of the washing machine.

The aluminum ball trick

What if aluminum foil could make our clothes as soft as silk? Does that seem unlikely to you? Still, this unusual trick has already proven itself. Aluminum does indeed make it easier to wash, dry and iron our clothes, but above all it eliminates static electricity on our synthetic sweaters. A great way to stop getting shocked or keep hair on end.

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How to use ?

It’s simple: just make two or three balls (depending on the size of the drum) the size of a tennis ball. Crumple them loosely and then put them in the washing machine with your dirty laundry. And if you doubt the ecological aspect of this technique, know that the aluminum balls can be stored for six months before they need to be replaced.

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