Why do you have to wear mismatched socks this Monday, March 21?

Today is World Down Syndrome Day. Like every year, the Trisomy 21 France association calls on all of us to wear mismatched socks for the occasion. Objective: to celebrate diversity and raise public awareness of Down syndrome.

In France, according to the Institut de Veille Sanitaire (InUS), an estimated 27,000 newborns a year are affected by Down syndrome. To celebrate their diversity, the association Trisomy 21 France has decided to pass on the annual challenge, launched by the association Down Syndrome Internationale (DSI), on the occasion of the Day World of Trisomy 21.

Claim the normality of difference

For one day, the association calls on each of us to take off our best socks and not wear them together. Colors, patterns, materials… All fantasies are allowed and are invited to share on social networks with the hashtag #SocksBattle4DS or #ChaussettesDépareillées, as reported by the Aleteia site. Purpose of the operation: to make the general public aware of the difference and to claim “the normality of this diversity”. Above all, the association defends a more inclusive model of society.

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As a reminder, Down syndrome (or trisomy 21) corresponds to a chromosomal genetic abnormality and is generally not hereditary. Specifically, people affected by this syndrome have an extra chromosome on chromosome pair 21, causing varying degrees of intellectual and physical disabilities and associated medical problems. “Every person with trisomy 21 is themselves first and foremost, unique, with a full genetic inheritance and their original way of supporting this excess of genes”explains the website of the Jéréme Lejeune Foundation.

“An inclusive society is a society where people with special needs can live like others. It is the society that acts and not just the person with special needs. In this context of the presidential campaign, it is more important than ever for Trisomy 21 France to continue working in this direction, so that everyone can develop, gain their autonomy and live their life as a citizen. †

Trisomy 21 France, in a press release

Promotions throughout March

The association Trisomy 21 France has planned several awareness-raising actions in March, in collaboration with the association Down Syndrome Internationale (DSI) and the European association for the support of people with trisomy 21 (EDSA). For example, the organization called on internet users to share a video on social networks, in which they must give their definition of an inclusive society. Testimonials, debates and other events are also scheduled online or through the association’s regional branches.

You can find these different operations on the Trisomy 21 France website.

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