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Whether short or colorful, the wedding dress has evolved

After many cancellations and postponements, the wedding ceremonies will be back in use in 2022, but they will be freed from certain conventions. Buoyed by the changes that have taken place during the pandemic, future spouses now swear only by micro-marriages in their image, synonymous with self-expression, colorful and influenced by TV series, far removed from tradition.

The bride and groom today choose to organize days – and evenings – in their image, reflecting their personality point by point, if they don’t want to impress the guests. This is according to the latest special 2022 wedding trend guide on the Etsy* platform.

The pandemic has clearly redefined the contours of fashion in general, but it has also changed the way prospective spouses approach their wedding ceremony. Forced to postpone or even cancel this big day several times, men and women now dream of celebrating it in small groups, far from the “did you see me” that dominated trends for a long time.

As a result, the micro-wedding, which is characterized by a more intimate ceremony close to the guests, continues well beyond health restrictions, paving the way for a more personal event and a much less traditional wedding fashion.

Stand out to shine

Colours, accessories, unique pieces… Women today try to express their individuality, well beyond the desire to impress – although. It must be said that it is mainly a matter of expressing yourself through the wedding dress, but it is also a matter of making people click on social networks. Exit princess dresses, mermaid dresses or bohemian inspired dresses, way too classic, make way for distinction! We distinguish ourselves by shortening the skirts, choosing shades that are far from convention, or reinventing the bride’s accessories.

“In the age of social media sharing, brides increasingly want to stand out and embrace styles that show their individuality, be it a vintage dress, a diamond-less engagement or a ‘birdcage’ veil inspired by the 1960s. Many are turning to unique styles – from mini dresses to colorful dresses – that reflect their individual style.”

Dayna Isom Johnson, Etsy Trends Expert and Judge at TV’s “Making It” NBC

The regencycore invites herself to the ceremony

Fashion from the 19th century continues to inspire men and women around the world. The mistake of the series “The Chronicle of the Bridgertons” that brought the English regency style up to date. If corsets, imposing dresses and other XXL headdresses in the metro are still not in the spotlight, the regencycore aesthetic has been influencing our dressing room for several months now. The same goes for the bride’s dressing room.

According to the Etsy report, wedding dresses with puff sleeves will be especially popular this year (+93% searches in the last three months, compared to the same period a year earlier), as well as sails and veils (+78%). But it’s especially long gloves, the epitome of elegance, that brides have been ecstatic about in recent months with a 121% increase in searches.

“With people spending more time indoors — and probably watching more TV — it’s no surprise that couples get inspiration from the shows they watch before their wedding. Thanks to the popularity of recent royalty shows, regencycore has quickly become the aesthetic of choice for shoppers for their upcoming nuptials. †

Dayna Isom Johnson

Color and buttons

The neutral and delicate palette we’ve come to associate with weddings doesn’t seem to have a bright future ahead of it. If ultra-colorful wedding dresses aren’t the norm yet, it seems that husbands-to-be are now showing originality by introducing color here and there to make their ceremony more daring. Etsy has seen a significant increase in searches for colorful bridal items (+327%) over the past three months, including engagement rings. Diamonds are no longer popular and are outnumbered by rubies (+249%), emeralds (+105%) and, to a lesser extent, sapphires (+12%).

Still in response to the pandemic and to the homewear fashion made of leggings, hoodies and other joggers, future women seem to want to reconnect with a more glamorous and sophisticated fashion. Something that translates into a craze for bows, be it wedding dresses (+51%) or accessories for brides and bridesmaids (+114%).

Note that the 2022 wedding trends will also be characterized by a growing interest in the 1960s, through short dresses and trapeze dresses, as well as desires to escape. Since they cannot travel unlimited, the future spouses offer their guests to sail to other destinations. A trend that can be read through invitations in the form of passports or road maps, but also exotic decorative items.

*Data presented by Etsy is derived from an analysis of searches conducted by the community of 96 million shoppers worldwide, with a focus on searches that have increased the most in the past three months compared to the same period a year earlier.

(ETX Daily Up)

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