When the rescued becomes the savior: This Iranian truck driver saves Ukrainian refugees

This is undoubtedly the best way to thank all those who helped him in 2019. After taking advantage of the solidarity of the Polish people, this Iranian truck driver decided to give something back in this wartime.

Three years ago, Fardin Kazemi’s truck broke down in Poland. Distraught, the Iranian truck driver had no other way to get back on the road than to buy another vehicle. Only here it has a price. But that was without counting on the generosity of the Polish truck drivers who helped him raise money (a total of 59,000 euros). A wonderful outpouring of solidarity that allowed Fardin Kazemi to buy a new truck.

Today, the Iranian driver has not forgotten this beautiful and generous gesture. So, to thank his siblings, he decided to help them support the Ukrainian people. Indeed, since the beginning of the Russian offensive, many families have sought refuge in Poland.

Fardin Kazemi decided to return the favor

Posted by Ouest France on Friday, March 25, 2022

It is therefore in his own way that Fardin decided to bring his stone to the building. For several days now, he has been taking part in the Polish convoy intended to supply Ukrainian hospitals and shelters. In his truck are bandages and dozens of tons of animal feed. In total, the truck driver traveled 5,000 kilometers from Iran to help people in need.

Big congratulations for his efforts.

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