What to plant in the vegetable garden in February? Here is the list of sowing and planting of the month.

Attention gardeners, the second winter month is an opportunity to improve your vegetable garden. But what should you plant in February? Discover the list of sowing and planting to be carried out :

  • shallots
  • Garlic
  • Onion
  • salad
  • potatoes

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What to plant in the vegetable garden in February?


The shallot is planted from the month January to April. But be aware, it is not about all types, only the medium-long or round, such as Mikor, Ermine or Meloine. [1]

You can plant them in the ground, place the bulbs about every 25 cm (with 30 cm between the rows) or in a flower box. Count a maximum of 7 shallots for a 40 cm wide container. The latter technique is simpler, especially in terms of maintenance. Just water the plants and wait a few months.

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The sowing of onions intended for preservation is ready late February to early April. To do this, simply dig planting holes about 1cm deep and space them at least 10cm apart. The further apart the furrows are, the more room the onions will have to grow. [2]

But beware of severe frost that can damage your crops. In addition, consider thinning out to remove the most vulnerable plants and promote the growth of the most resistant plants. Allow about six months between sowing and harvesting. Early onions and white onions are sown from mid-August to mid-September.

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From February, you can plant potatoes (provided you live in a region with a mild climate, for example in the southeast). If this is not the case, it is better to wait until mid-April. Choose potatoes that are suitable for this early cultivation. This is the case with the “Rosabelle”, “Ostera”, “Sirtena” or even “Belle de Fontenay”.

Before planting, it is advisable to germinate the tubers in a cool, bright place. On D-day, dig a 15 cm deep groove and place the tuber every 30 to 40 cm in the bottom of the hole, with the sprout facing up. Then cover with soil without packing. Remember to water well after emergence to avoid heat stroke. Finally, mound (ie lift the soil around every foot) when the plants are about eight inches high. [3]

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Spring lettuce can be sown during the month of February. But beware, in order to bloom during the winter period, this vegetable must absolutely be grown under a shelter (a tunnel, a greenhouse or a frame).

Remember to place the plants about 30 centimeters apart. A month later, transplant the young plants (the least vulnerable) and try not to bury the collar (the base of the leaves) too much. [4]

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There you go, you now know what to plant in the vegetable garden in February. Did you like this article? Here are 6 simple tips to protect your plants from frost and cold.

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