What is the Gender Score, this new tool that promotes equality in Tech?

On the occasion of March 8, the International Day of Women’s Rights, the company 50inTech is launching the Gender Score, an “impact measurement tool” especially for companies, explains Caroline Ramade, founder and CEO of the company, to madness

The presence of women in technical and digital professions is insufficient. Even worse, women entering this sector of activity sometimes leave it. In question ? Half of them report discrimination in the workplace, more details Caroline Ramade.

So, to fight against this desertion of women in Tech, the CEO of 50inTech, a company whose mission is to provide solutions to diversify digital businesses, unveils her Gender Score this Tuesday, March 8, International Women’s Rights Day. A tool for “enabling companies to measure the progress of their diversity results and identify actions that promote inclusion”more details Caroline Ramade on madness

4 discrimination criteria

Companies that want to obtain their ‘gender score’ have to take a (free) test, provide some data and answer about fifteen questions. These were devised based on the results of a survey of 2,000 women. Their responses allowed 50inTech to determine which discriminations Tech employees face most in their workplace:

  • career development
  • a fee
  • work environment (harassment)
  • work life balance

As with the Professional Equality Index, the gender score is given out of 100. A score above 50 means that the companies have a higher level than the average of European companies. From 25, companies have implemented the first actions, but are at the beginning of their approach »details 50inTech, which also plans to provide voluntary companies with a guide to good practice in this area.

According to madness, several leading companies in the Tech sector have already taken up the tool. Among them we find, for example, BlaBlaCar, Dailymotion or Yousign.

For employees or women seeking employment, the Gender Score is also useful: it provides valuable information about a company’s culture regarding its involvement in the fight for equality between women and men.

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