What if you involved your teams in a connected challenge dedicated to reforestation?

Are you out of inspiration to create a link between your employees? Do you want to participate and involve them in an impact campaign? Then the 2022 Reforestation Challenge might be for you!

From March 14 to March 31, the OuiLive application and the company Reforest’Action will offer companies the opportunity to participate in an online challenge, consisting of “creative and sporting challenges, quizzes, awareness content and interactive webinars”we can read in a press release.

Objectives: to mobilize its teams in the field of environment and climate, but also to support them “restoring mangroves on the island of Sumatra in Indonesia”† Indeed, the companies that will participate in the challenge will plant “automatically 200 mangrove trees”† The top 6 will plant another 7,000 trees. All information about the challenge can be found on the OuiLive website.

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