What if ecology was taught in school like math or French?

As the first round of presidential elections approaches, the Water Family association is calling for the turnout a proposal in the public debate: make ecology a major in school. It published a manifesto and a call for signatures to encourage candidates of all political persuasions to include it in their program. decryption.

Benjamin Dutreux, skipper – Photo: Water Family

Education, a bet on the future

The Water Family association develops educational programs on the conservation of water and living creatures. Their manifesto starts from the following observation: “Children between the ages of 0 and 12 build their conscience and their values ​​while spending 90% of their time in school. In addition, less than 1 in 3 high school students has an in-depth knowledge base about ecology and climate change.” To adapt to the climate crisis, the association is counting on the citizens of tomorrow, remembering that they will be too “ our nation’s future decision-makers School education therefore seems to be an important lever for action. Look.

teaching ecology, both in the classroom and in nature

Education for sustainable development has been a school theme since 2020, but it is not a subject in itself. Here, Water Family proposes to put ecology at the center and make it a central topic in education: this would mean learning these life sciences from an early age, but also through a variety” in all other taught disciplines, and throughout the course “. A transversal subject, therefore, with theoretical learning in the classroom, but not only. The association emphasizes another equally important aspect: field experience, which allows you to experience nature in order to better understand it. A way for children to grow “benevolent to himself and to the living”

Isabelle Peloux, founder of the Colibri School – Photo: Water Family

Civil society mobilizes

This citizen mobilization campaign is supported by renowned climatologists and scientists, top athletes and personalities. Among the signatories we recognize in particular Laury Thilleman (Miss France 2011, TV presenter), Isabelle Pelloux (founder of the Colibri School), Pauline Ado (surfing world champion) or Gilles Bœuf (Professor of Biology at Sorbonne University). So many people mobilized to “move the lines and challenge the presidential candidates”

An order to act at the source, proving to us that there are a thousand ways to get involved in the presidential debate and make your voice heard!

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