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What are bamboo bicycles made in France really worth?

Spread the word, bamboo is popular among cyclists. Many French manufacturers have understood this and now offer efficient and resistant models, classic or electric, with recyclable bamboo frames.

Bamboo has several important properties, in addition to being fully recyclable. For example, it is extremely resistant to UV and water, is more resistant to shock and absorbs vibrations better than aluminum or carbon fiber.

The latest arrival in this market is the Hyboo, a bamboo electric bicycle produced by Tripbike. It stands out for its light frame made of bamboo, biosourced and 100% recyclable. The bicycle has a 24 V electric motor, which means that it can reach 25 km/h. The battery gives it about 70 km of autonomy and charges very quickly, in just two hours. The Hyboo is not intended to be made in France, but is assembled by people with disabilities and reintegration. The traditional production method explains the high price of 3,300 euros.

Tripbike follows the trend, knowing that in France there are more and more manufacturers of bicycles with bamboo frames. So, to stay in the field of electric bikes, Cyclik offers an equivalent model, more connected, thanks to its dedicated mobile application and its GPS tracker, and customizable, by means of engraving (initials, pattern, etc.). Only drawback, the price, from 3,500 euros.

Of course, it is not only electric bicycles who benefit from the benefits of bamboo these days. Many other French manufacturers offer a whole range of more traditional models, road, MTB or sport. Their names are Boudebois, Gamory Cycles, In’Bô or even Rimba bike.

Finally, we mention the initiative of Breizh Bamboo Bike, where you can only buy the bamboo frame from 1,200 euros and then assemble your bike around it yourself. Their entire bikes are offered from 2,300 euros.

(ETX Daily Up)

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