“We are at war against global capitalism”: Macron’s false speech on France Inter

Like a taste of free radio on the air from France Inter† Sunday, April 24, in the middle of election night, the famous station was hacked again, two weeks after an initial incident, again during the night of the first round of the presidential election. According to Radio France, the frequencies of France Interin Paris, were “disrupted for an hour,” reports the site of France news† On the broadcast, listeners of the station were able to hear an anti-capitalist speech by President-elect Emmanuel Macron. A fiction that could inspire reality?

In his fictional speech, taken entirely by mr globalizationn, Emmanuel Macron offers a powerful militant discourse against capitalism, but also critical of his own mandate.

France Inter Hacked – Emmanuel Macron’s Full Fake Speech

France Inter hacked the results for the second time an hour after the second round. A distracted militant speech by Emmanuel Macron was broadcast for several minutes. Here it is in full to get an opinion: “We are at war against global capitalism” #macron #franceinter #piracy

Posted by Mr Globalization on Sunday 24 April 2022

Watch some excerpts:

“Together at the rendezvous of our country and our future. 5 years of malaise is coming to an end. Discomfort of the workers who are no longer there, unease of the territories, villages as neighborhoods. We see that public facilities are reduced and the living environment disappears. Democratic malaise in which the feeling of not being heard develops. Behind all these malaises we find the same vice, the vice that has poisoned public debate for too long: the denial of reality.

“We don’t have five years of adjustment and half measures ahead of us.”

“I don’t feel like doing another 5 years. I know that the French men and women at this hour expect a conscious theoretical rejection, a purported will, a methodical organization to violate the laws of the Republic and create a parallel order, erect other futures, another organization of society to develop.”

“We are at war against the state, at war against global capitalism, at war against irresponsible politicians, at war against all political, economic and social elites, at war against the police, gendarmes, magistrates, elected officials.”

on his side, French radio to be announced “in connection with Arcom to find out what happened”

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