War in Ukraine: Vladmir Putin’s wax figure leaves the Grévin Museum

Visitors can no longer admire the wax statue of Vladimir Putin, the Grévin Museum announced on Tuesday 1 March. This decision was taken after the invasion of Ukraine by the Russian army.

“Today it is no longer possible for us to present such a character on the course”justifies the director of the museum, Yves Delhommeau, reports France Blue† Since the invasion of Ukraine, the statue of Vladimir Putin . has “undergo some attacks”he added. “He wasn’t badly combed, a little bit attacked. †

Faced with this treatment reserved by certain visitors, the museum director explained to: France Blue

“Our employees and ourselves didn’t want to walk past it every morning, restyle, or refurbish. For the first time in the history of the Grévin Museum, we have therefore decided to remove a character linked to historical elements as they exist at the moment. †

Yves Delhommeau, Director of the Grévin Museum

Who will replace Putin?

The Grévin Museum is now considering which personality could take the place of Vladmiri Poutine. “Perhaps President Zelensky, who reacts heroically, will take his place. He becomes such a hero because he has resisted, because he has not fled his country. So he could perfectly have his place in the Grévin museum between the great men of history and the great men of today.said the director.

Until the end of the war, Vladimir Putin’s wax figure will be kept in the museum shed, located north of the French capital.

It is not the first time that the statue of the Russian president has been defaced. As early as 2014, a Femen activist attacked her with a wooden pole, the French radio site recalls.

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