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War in Ukraine: Internet users denounce racism and discrimination

Since the Russian attack in Ukraine, a wave of solidarity has permeated social networks. A brotherhood that has unfortunately highlighted the discrimination and racism that persists despite the catastrophic situation. Discrimination observed both on the borders of Ukraine and in the media.

There are words and deeds that will not last and social networks will not forget them. The controversy started online with videos showing African expatriates being denied access to trains to flee Ukraine, attacked by Russia. A situation that did not deter internet users on TikTok, Twitter or even Instagram. The newspaper Humanity even devoted the front page of his latest issue, this Wednesday, March 2, to this topic by giving the title: “Selective solidarity”

A reality also denounced on the LCI television channel by Anasse Kazib, the French presidential candidate: “There is also something happening in Ukraine that needs to be denounced, especially people from immigrant backgrounds, who live in Ukraine, and we see many videos circulating on social networks, who are also prevented from being able to evacuate, and that is unacceptable. We should be able to condemn it publicly.”

Far from being yet another weapon of disinformation, this discrimination was indeed confirmed by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Filippo Grandi, during a press conference on March 1. “You have seen media reports that there are different treatments – with Ukrainians and non-Ukrainians. Now, our observations, and we may not be able to observe every post just yet – but our observations are that this is not state policy – but there are instances where this has happened. […] There was another treatment […]† There should be no discrimination between Ukrainians and non-Ukrainians, Europeans and non-Europeans. Everyone runs away from the same risks. †

“We must publicly denounce that people with an immigrant background cannot leave Ukraine either” #AfricansinUkraine pic.twitter.com/61DW1sXXk9

— Anasse Kazib (@Anasse Kazib) February 27, 2022

Two weights, two sizes

On TikTok, users have also denounced the handling of the news, but this time on the side of the international media. CBS News, BBC News or even ITV News… many journalists have shown racial prejudice: “It’s not a place, with all due respect, like Iraq or Afghanistan, where conflict has been raging for decades”CBS Kiev correspondent Charlie D’Agata told his colleagues in the studio. “You know, it’s a relatively civilized, relatively European city – I have to choose those words well – a city where you wouldn’t expect or expect this. † On the BBC, David Sakvarelidze, the former deputy chief prosecutor of Ukraine, made comments that shocked netizens: “It is very moving for me because I see Europeans with blue eyes and blond hair being murdered”† On ITV News, the journalist also demonstrated stereotypes: “Now the unthinkable has happened to them, and this is not a developing third world nation; it’s Europe. †

Comments illustrating normalized racism in media around the world, distinguishing between white refugees and non-white refugees. On TikTok, internet users responded by creating caricatures of these interventions: “They are not Syrians, they are people who matter, they are white whites, Christians like us”User Jona joked about a video that has racked up 3.6 million views on the Chinese social network so far, before moving on: “It’s not a place, with all due respect, a place like Syria, known for decades of wars and uncivilized behaviour. It’s relatively European, relatively civilized. I have to choose my words carefully as if I didn’t just disrespect every developing country.” † †

When there were many internet users, some journalists took a position to denounce this double standard coverage. The Arab and Middle East Journalists Association released a statement: “in reference to the racist coverage of Ukraine, which saw dehumanizing, superior and insulting comparisons to the Middle East”

MSNBC reporter Ayman Mohyeldin said on his Instagram account: “So apparently… dropping bombs on Afghanistan does not turn the tide, but the idea that Putin is doing it in Europe!” † They really can’t help but dehumanize anyone who isn’t European? †

The Arab and Middle Eastern Journalists Association just released a statement about racist reporting on Ukraine that saw dehumanizing, superior and insulting comparisons to the Middle East. @AMEJA See here + https://t.co/S9EeL7ypnI pic.twitter.com/XAokynFoDs

— Laura Alabaster (@Lau_Bast) February 27, 2022

(ETX Daily Up)

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