War in Ukraine: Airbnb pledges to host up to 100,000 refugees

The company that specializes in temporary accommodation around the world has announced it will help 100,000 people fleeing Ukraine. The operation is funded by Airbnb, but may also involve hosts or hostesses in countries bordering Ukraine.

100,000 refugees from Ukraine can benefit from temporary housing offered by Airbnb. The announcement was made on Monday, February 28 by the American company and Airbnb.org, a non-profit organization dedicated to facilitating temporary residence for people in times of crisis. The initiative is funded by Airbnb, individual donations through the Airbnb.org Refugee Fund, and hosts.

The countries where the operation will be deployed are currently the Polandl’Germanythe Hungary and the Romaniawe can read in a press release. “In the coming days, Airbnb and Airbnb.org will share additional details about how hosts and the wider community can support this initiative, including offering free or discounted stays.”further specifies the press release.

In addition to setting up this temporary housing solution, Airbnb.org is committed to working “working closely with governments to best meet the specific needs of each country, in particular by offering extended stays”† The NGO is already present in the field with refugees from Afghanistan after the takeover by the Taliban, as well as with other populations from the African continent, the Middle East and Latin America.

Do you want to help the Ukrainian people? This article tells you how.

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