War in Ukraine: a moving video from 2014 resurfaces… and challenges us

8 years ago the British NGO Save the Children (save the children) had devised this awareness campaign. Goal: to change the paradigm of war by showing it from an English girl’s point of view.

In sixty seconds, this little girl’s everyday life slides gently, then brutally, toward war. Lack of medicines, food rations, constant displacement, separation from a parent … The video, published in 2014, ends with a strong message: “Just because it doesn’t happen here doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen.” A reference to the war raging in Syria that, according to the UN, has forced 13 million people to flee their homes, including 6.6 million to leave the country.

Mobilized by the war in Ukraine, Save the Children invites everyone to make financial donations to help the children of Urkaine. “The children are terrified. They hear explosions, they are told to flee with only the clothes on their backs.”explains the director of Eastern Europe of the NGO, Irina Saghoyan, in a message on Twitter

Do you want to help the Ukrainian people? This article tells you how.

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