Want to push the number? This app teaches you to sing in harmony.

When it comes to music, we are not all created equal. Some people have naturally beautiful voices, while others are roughly referred to as pans. The start-up The Choral Hub wants to encourage all music lovers to push the song and enjoy it, thanks to the new application.

The application, called Tchzant, is based on the premise that anyone can sing with just a little practice. So it offers a tutorial in several lessons to familiarize yourself with the basics of singing. Music lovers take short trainings to master their breathing, develop their musical hearing, modulate their voice or even learn the lyrics of songs.

The most diligent students are rewarded with badges. They can achieve different levels of expertise by completing challenges around songs from Tchzant’s catalog. Most have entered the public domain, but the start-up The Choral Hub is looking to partner with record companies to include more recent songs in the application.

Sing with more confidence

Tchzant is based on a freemium model, which combines free content and other content reserved for subscribers. Playback enthusiasts will need to purchase a subscription if they want to purchase specific songs to practice on, or take private lessons with a vocal coach.

The app will be available soon for music lovers living in the UK. The start-up The Choral Hub also hopes to launch it in other countries, such as the United States and the European Union.

For now, Tchzant is targeting a mature audience that wants to push the song with more confidence or get back on track for another karaoke. It could also be used in schools to make students aware of the importance of music education.

(ETX Daily Up)

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