Want to fold a beautiful origami Easter chicken? Here’s the tutorial!

For this Easter weekend, here’s a new origami workshop we’re offering. Find out how to fold a small origami Easter chicken with this tutorial! This paper chicken allows you to carry a few chocolate eggs or treats on its back. It is a fresh crease that you can install on your table or offer to your guests.

To make this origami you will need two sheets of paper measuring 15 cm by 15 cm and a pair of scissors. Ideally, you’ll need a red sheet (for the crest and beak) as well as a colored, two-tone patterned origami sheet for the body of the chicken. If you don’t have an origami sheet, just turn an A4 sheet into a square and save the scraps for the beak and crest.

This chicken will perfectly complement your Easter origami collection with the bunny and bells. Come on, let’s go for the tutorial! Look.

She’s cute, just like all these Easter chickens, don’t you think?

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