Wage differentials: this robot challenges brands that communicate on March 8

Every year it’s the same story: on March 8, International Women’s Day, brands rush to communicate their initiatives in favor of women or, in a more clumsy way, offer their vouchers and other promotions to their female customers. To set the record straight and remind brands and businesses that this day is not an opportunity to cash in on an image, a funny robot called “Gender Pay Gap Bot” has taken to Twitter. His mission? Challenge brands on their internal professional equality policies and update hypocritical public stances.

“Employers, if you tweet about International Women’s Day, I’ll retweet your gender pay gap”, this artificial intelligence immediately announces in the bio of its Twitter profile. The latter then uses the public and official data of UK companies with more than 250 employees, with the latter being required to publish wage differentials within their organisation, one can read in an article by advertising week

For example, the Twitter account highlighted the gender pay gap at various universities, but also in the media or even British foundations.

For example, we learn that the median hourly wage of women in the Daily Express is 22.5% lower than that of men.

At the clothing brand Missguided, which is a ” happy Holidays “ for all women, the median hourly wage for female employees is 40% lower than for men.

But the Gender Pay Gap Bot doesn’t just hunt low achievers. It also highlights structures that practice equal pay, such as the Quarriers charity.

A playful initiative that then reminds companies that the commitment to women’s rights is not a matter of tweets and coupons.

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