Wage differences within companies: the first sanctions fall

Three years after the introduction of the professional equality index, according to Labor Minister Elisabeth Borne, the first sanctions should fall for bad students in companies with more than 250 employees.

The Professional Equality Index was introduced in 2019 and “enhanced” through the Rixain Act, which came into effect on March 1. This tool concerns companies with more than 50 employees. Each year, they must publish their results on their website by March 1 (or, failing that, post them on their premises or send them by post). The index takes into account various criteria, such as the pay gap between women and men or the promotion gap between women and men.

16 companies quickly sanctioned

If the site of the echoes, companies with a score of less than 75 out of 100 have 3 years to improve their results. Three years have passed since the first publication of the notes: 16 companies with more than 250 employees who failed to improve their scores face their first sanctionswhich can go up to 1% of the wage bill still reporting the echoes† 11 other companies that have not yet published their index can join this list of bad students, we can also read at Sustainable information

For the Minister of Labour, Elisabeth Borne, quoted by the echoesthe professional equality index is a tool that has made it possible to reduce certain wage inequalities between women and men, but it remains, in her view, “perfectable”† A shared view of trade unionists. The latter, for example, regret the lack of an indicator measuring the proportion of women on low wages or another dedicated to part-time work, which affects women more.

The Minister of Labor mentions the case of companies with 50 to 250 employees (of which 43%) whose index cannot be calculated. “It is impossible to have so many employers outside the index”she assured the echoesbefore giving up: “The index is clearly not enough to solve all equality issues alone”

Good news to highlight: the average rating of companies has dropped from 85 to 86 out of 100 in 2021. Companies with more than 1,000 employees are at the top of the ranking: 85% of them have their index published and their average score is 89 of the 100.

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