Visiting local shops, a militant act for half of the French population

Bakers, wine merchants, pharmacists are actors in our daily lives. 37% of the French population visits them at least once a week, because of course they need it, but not only. In a context of strong competitive pressure imposed by large-scale distribution, consumers are aware that they have a role to play for local businesses to survive.

Buy a loaf of sourdough bread when you leave the office, organize an afterwork session in the bar next door, trust the butcher near you for the next barbecue with friends… If there are clear practical reasons for preferring to visit the local shops, the French men and women also like to support small businesses. A militant act, according to a study by American Express in collaboration with Statista, which looked at the thirty most populous cities in France. More than half (51%) of the respondents share this philosophy. And in certain cities, notably Montpellier (66%), Nimes (60%), Marseille (57%), Dijon (57%) and Paris (56%), this opinion is more confirmed than elsewhere.

In concrete terms, consumers are aware that by preferring to go to a neighborhood bakery or wine shop, they contribute to the development of the local economic fabric (45%). A very thoughtful choice for the inhabitants of Montpellier (58%), Nantes (55%), Toulouse (55%) and Grenoble (54%). It would be a lie to put forward the idea that the French people adopt this behavior out of pure good citizenship. They also benefit by considering that the products of local stores are of better quality (38%) compared to what can be found in supermarkets. This win-win relationship has created a relationship of trust between consumers and small traders (34%), which is particularly appreciated by the residents of Tourangeaux (47%), Bordeaux (44%) and St├ęphanois (44%).

It remains to be seen how local businesses can be helped to survive against the giants of mass consumption. True to their baguettes, French women and men most often refer to bakery pastries. 75% of respondents go there every day. Pharmacies are the second most popular convenience store (62%), ahead of restaurants (47%).

This Shop Small study was conducted in the 30 most populous cities in France. 77,000 local stores were analysed, while more than 80,000 opinions were collected from 4,824 French men and women.

(ETX Daily Up)

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