Vipers, snakes and snakes: how do you keep them out of your garden naturally?

Water points, heat and tall grass, here’s the perfect combination to put on reptiles in his garden. But do you know that some simple and natural tips can keep them away? Light up these precious tips that prey on vipers, grass snakes and snakes in general.

How do you keep snakes out of your garden?

Prepare a natural repellent

You want to let nature bloom in your garden to promote biodiversity, but are you afraid of the arrival of vipers, grass snakes and other snakes? Don’t panic, there is a natural trick to ward them off: garlic infusion. To do this, soak cloves in water for a few days and then spray the mixture in your garden. Repeat the operation regularly, especially when it rains.

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Choose repellent plants

To keep reptiles out of your garden, you can plant certain plants. This is the case with the rue des jardins or stinking hellebore, which gives off a strong and nauseating odor to snakes. You can also opt for marigold, lemongrass or wormwood. Planting garlic in your vegetable garden naturally increases the chances of repelling these unwanted substances.

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Adopt chickens

You may not know it, but chickens are the sworn enemies of snakes. And for good reason, they are known for quickly attacking vipers, snakes and other reptiles that invite themselves into your yard. The good news is that cocottes are also ecological and economical, the proof with this hands-on article. And if you have a cat, his hunting instinct can help you a lot too.

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Maintain your garden

Keep in mind that a garden in the wild will attract more snakes. Even if it is advisable not to trim the hedge or mow the lawn at certain times of the year to promote biodiversity, remember to clean the area to avoid unpleasant surprises. In addition, avoid storing materials that can serve as a refuge for reptiles, such as tiles or cement blocks.

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