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Violence against women: moved to tears, Angelina Jolie calls for new law

For more than 3 million women in the United States, their first sexual encounter is the result of rape. Here’s the dire estimate from a survey conducted in 2019. Facing this scourge that “seems to be normalized in the country,” Angelina Joli is urging Congress to pass a new law against violence against women.

This Wednesday, February 9, the world-renowned actress unveiled a text intended to provide medical and legal support to women and children exposed to domestic violence. A highly anticipated text that concerns her personally as she accuses her former husband, Brad Pitt, of deliberately beating their son. But, as so often, these allegations have not led to legal action.

With a lump in her throat and tears in her eyes, Angeline Joli delivered a powerful speech to the elected officials of the 13 states. A voice that has become all the more important since 1994, the law against violence against women (Violence Against Women Act) has not evolved, despite new modified versions.

“The ugly truth is that domestic violence has normalized in our country. […] I think of the children who are terrified and suffering right now, and the many people for whom this law is coming too late.D. »

Watch (a video shared by Reuters

The text presented and defended by Angelina Joli is now supported by elected officials from both parties. Good news, knowing that in 2019 Republicans prevented a bill against violence against women from being put to the vote.

Joe Bouwen, for his part, welcomed the presentation of this new version, intended to make this law a priority.

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