Violence against women: ‘Emmanuel Macron, you have to move your lines’

More than 600 femicides have been committed since Emmanuel Macron took office in 2017. Faced with this horrific toll, associations and collectives engaged in the fight against violence against women are calling for an emergency plan. But will the outgoing president defend this important case a few days before the second round? Here is the hope of Anne-Cécile Mailfert.

“Dear Emmanuel Macron, you have one more week to take us from a voice of resentment to a voice of envy.” Here are the words of the former president of “Osez le féminisme!” and founder of the “Foundation for Women”. This Friday April 15, a week before the results of the Presidential 2022, Anne-Cécile Mailfert expressed her resentment.

Secure France Inter, she addressed the outgoing president in a powerful letter. The opportunity to recall that despite some progress in the fight against violence against women, not all promises have been kept. Emmanuel Macron therefore has four days left to move the lines, register and defend this case in his new program.

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“More than 600 women have been murdered by their husbands since you took office. Our case is not a hostage of any division. It is widely supported. It is based on undeniable violence. So why so much restraint?”

“If we’re warning you again today, it’s because we know the problems and we know there are other solutions. You have one week left to sign up. Together with 50 associations, we have bundled 10 measures in an emergency plan for equality. I only mention 3 here:

  • The first is that women victims of violence are finally entitled to a public policy of protection and a budget of one billion worthy of the name.
  • Second, the right to abortion must finally be enshrined in the Constitution
  • The third is to finally make economic emancipation a reality and education of course, because the law must at least be respected.”

“Don’t take advantage of the advantage this creepy badger gives you. You have to move your lines to collect all the votes and unite, it’s much more than a few explanations or a few rare concessions. One last time I say, listen carefully to us.

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