Vienna Airport will welcome a 100% vegan ice cream parlor and restaurant next summer

Finding vegan options at an airport isn’t always easy… But in Vienna it will soon become child’s play. Indeed, Vienna-Schwechat Airport plans to welcome the Veganista ice cream parlor and vegan restaurant The LaLa in what will be the “first combined restaurant” of the two brands in Austria. Located in Terminal 2 of the airport, it covers an area of ​​50m2 and offers healthy dishes and vegan ice cream to take away.

Photo: Vienna International Airport

Veganista and The LaLa were founded by Cecilia Havmöller and her sister Susanna Paller, both vegans for over 30 years. Veganista, launched in 2013, now has 12 locations in Austria. This vegetable glacier concept thus offers 18 flavors ranging from the most classic such as chocolate or strawberry to more original options such as basil. The ice creams are largely made from soy and some flavors are made from almonds, oats, rice or coconut for those with allergies.

The Lala for its part was launched in 2019 and already has 2 restaurants in Vienna. The brand offers smoothies, salads, bowls and desserts prepared with healthy and organic ingredients. The dishes on offer are also kosher and halal and are packaged without plastic. The ice creams are served in vegetable cups made from starch.

The opening date of the new branches at Vienna Airport has not yet been communicated, but it should be around the summer of 2022.

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