VIDEO. Will, the Metaverse’s first homeless person, has a message to deliver

In certain metaverses, these virtual universes in which one can incarnate and move thanks to an augmented reality helmet, houses and land are sold for several thousand euros. Enough to satisfy investors who need real estate IRL (“in real life”† But while unimaginable amounts are exchanged for a handful of pixels, the Entourage association, which specializes in creating connections between citizens and the homeless, wanted to draw attention to a cause that deserves to be interested in it.

In order to make its battles visible and raise awareness, the association has made a video in which we meet Will, “the first homeless person in the metaverse”.

“I am here to remind you that more than 300,000 homeless men and women live in the most absolute exclusion and deprived of social ties”explains the character in the video.

Will, the first homeless person in the Metaverse.

“The 7 million people who are isolated in France, this country that has written the word ‘brotherhood’ in its motto without really understanding it, do not make a sound”specifies Jean-Marc Potdevin, president and co-founder of the Entourage Network in a press release† “They don’t demonstrate. They are invisible and alone, just ignored and ignored. Let’s rediscover our own dignity by living a real community relationship with them”he encourages again.

A necessary boost in this world that prefers technological innovation over solving social issues.

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