VIDEO. When you stop mowing your garden, it will look like this

Why mow your lawn when it can be valuable for biodiversity? Because an unkempt garden is synonymous with time-saving and flowering for the fauna and flora. So why deprive yourself of it?

For many of us, an unkempt yard is a sign of neglect. Very often, however, it is not a matter of lack of maintenance, but an ecological choice. Because by allowing nature to flourish, you promote biodiversity. Growing the grass, not trimming the hedges and of course not using chemicals in the garden is essential to protect the different species, be they plants, insects or birds.

In addition to being an oasis of tranquility for birds, bees, hedgehogs, butterflies and other living creatures, you will also bring a touch of originality to your garden. Poppies, roses or even buttercups will adorn your exterior. The proof in pictures…

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Month without a mower: the idea that grows…

No more skiing, long live gardening. May stands out as the month without reapers. Explanation: it is recommended to allow certain plots to grow freely in the gardens to promote pollination and biodiversity. This operation from the United Kingdom seems attractive in France. 🎥 Anthony Despres, Corentin Belard and Eva Deroualle

Posted by M6 Info on Monday 9 May 2022

And if not mowing your garden is unthinkable, know that you can also leave a small corner in the free state. Because to save the environment, every step is important.

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