VIDEO. “When are we perfect?” : she denounces the ban on being an exemplary ecologist

“When are we perfect?” Here is the pertinent question from Margot YMF (from YouMakeFashion Instagram account). Like them, there are many of us who constantly wonder if our little everyday gestures make us perfect green people. In addition, can we really be impeccable when it comes to ecology? Answer with this inspiring and uninhibited video.

Rest assured, the greens will never be exemplary! Why ? Because it is impossible to be in perfect coherence in all your actions. In her video, shared on social networks, blogger Margot YMF reassures those who still feel they are not doing enough for the environment or who feel everyday pressures from society. Moreover, this annoying tendency to approach ecological perfection has a name: militant purity.

Flying, not using dry toilets, eating meat, buying fast fashion… All these actions seen with a vague view will not make you a non-green, as long as you contribute, to your scale, to preserve the planet. Here’s what the influencer brilliantly explains in her video that has been viewed more than 34,000 times by internet users:

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“When are we perfect?

I support designers, but I buy made in China. I don’t drink Coke, but I eat avocados. I turn off the water when I brush my teeth, but I shower too long. I use reusable cotton pads, but machine wash them. I don’t eat foie gras, but I’ve been eating it for a long time. I don’t use Sopalin, but I don’t make detergent. I don’t have a car, but I fly. I make my washing powder, but I buy my toothpaste. I have a recyclable toothbrush, but I don’t know how to recycle it. I try to only buy locally, but I like bananas too much. I take public transport but in the evening I come back with Uber. I reduce my meat consumption, but my shoes are made of leather. I don’t do the sales, but during the year I crack on promos. I don’t use a cotton swab but paper tissues. I wear menstrual panties, but my toilet paper is not eco-friendly. I sort my waste, but I am not zero waste. I use a water bottle, but sometimes I forget. I refuse straws, but sometimes I need plastic cutlery.

So I don’t know, am I green or not?”

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