VIDEO. Verbal Abuse: This doll is bruised when spoken to her badly

All forms of violence can affect children, physical or verbal† And to show that words can be as hurtful as gestures, Korean students have come up with a special doll. Light on this brilliant invention.

When verbal abuse is less visible than beatings, it is just as painful. Indeed, they can affect children’s self-esteem and seriously affect their mental well-being.

This is what these young people from Pusan ​​University in South Korea wanted to bring to the attention. After several months of research, they created a baby with a surprising peculiarity: it responds to words… literally covered in bruises.

Goal ? Warn parents about the consequences of so-called ‘normal’ violence. This invention is possible thanks to a speech recognition tool connected to small purple LEDs.

Watch (a video shared by Creapills

Need a reminder more than ever.

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