VIDEO. United and responsive, young people from Marseille help troubled police officers

This gesture will not soon be forgotten by the municipal police of Marseille. They were trapped in their overturned car after a collision and were rescued thanks to the efforts of some young people.

The accident happened in the streets of Marseille, this Monday afternoon, April 11. The police officers had been called in for reinforcements that day and drove at full speed to the site of the intervention. During his flight, the car suddenly hit the tram and ended up on its side. In the passenger compartment, three police officers went into shock and nearly hit their heads upside down.

Witnessing the scene, young people from Marseille rushed to straighten the vehicle and help the victims of the accident. In a video shared on social networks, we discover several passers-by pushing the vehicle at arm’s length to put it back on its four wheels, then we watch them pull out the police officers and make sure they are out of the way. danger. Fortunately, no injuries were reported, either on the side of the police or of the passengers and passengers of the tram.

Look :

A gesture welcomed by Matthieu Valet, police officer and spokesman for the SICP police commissioners, quoted by France 3“It’s a great move, it shows that the police are not hated as some politicians or some people would like to believe, and there we have a demonstration of what good citizenship should be.”

Congratulations for this responsiveness and solidarity.

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