VIDEO. Threatened by the Taliban, this Afghan teacher gives clandestine lessons to girls

Since the Taliban returned to power in Afghanistan, the Taliban have not allowed girls to attend middle and high school. Only students who are registered at primary school can attend class. Despite the threats looming over her, an Afghan teacher has decided to teach young girls excluded from the school system. An act for which she risks her life every day.

In September 2021, the back-to-school period in middle and high school was 100% male in Afghanistan. The new Taliban regime, in power since August 2021, has effectively banned girls aged 12 and older from attending school. They only have access to primary school, while boys can attend classes normally.

Faced with this discrimination, clandestine schools have been established to enable young girls to continue their studies. Raw met an Afghan teacher whose school was closed a few months ago. This woman is now risking her life to continue teaching these girls who have not received an education.“In the morning I teach illiterate women and in the afternoon, girls who are excluded from school, girls from grade 7 and up”the teacher explains to journalist Nadege Justiniani.

One of his students testifiesne: “We came here so as not to be late for our classes. (…) I had to go to level 10 and prepare for the baccalaureate, but the Taliban arrived and everything changed”† Thanks to the teacher’s clandestine lessons, she has “new hope to carry on” His studies. “Even if the Taliban are against education, I’m not afraid because I’m learning, I’m developing my mind, I’m not afraid”confided them Raw

‘If girls don’t go to school, half of society is disabled’

A nearby person recently sued the teacher to the Taliban who came to control the secret establishment. “We told them it was a sewing workshop”, the teacher indicates. “We have put the Holy Quran in the classroom out of fear. When they come back, we’ll take the notebooks, the pencils, because they told us we didn’t respect their taboos, and we’ll tell them we’re teaching them the Quran. †

Despite the danger she exposes herself to, this Afghan teacher wants to help these young girls raise themselves at all costs. “We want women to progress, women represent half of society and have to study to be educated. If girls don’t go to school, half of society is disabled’she concludes with Brut.

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At present, these clandestine schools seem to be tolerated by the Taliban. The latter promised that girls’ secondary schools would reopen at the end of March, but in a framework redefined according to their needs, indicates France Inter

In the meantime, this teacher and others have chosen to continue raising young girls, at the risk of their own lives.

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