VIDEO. This passive house is not connected to any network. She is completely autonomous.

Is a house without heating possible? Steven Kazuba did it. Together with his father he built a so-called “passive house”. A habitat that is not connected to a network and yet offers an “exceptional living environment”. explanation.

Are passive houses the future of living? To this question, those who have adopted this solution will answer unanimously “yes”. In a report by France tv nature, Steven Kazuba, owner (and builder) of one of these houses is formal: passive houses make it possible to free ourselves from energy sources, which are becoming more and more expensive, while “exceptional living comfort”

France tv nature therefore leaves to visit this immense and beautiful blue residence, where Steven and his father live. It is a passive house prototype, awarded in 2018 at COP24. The particularity of the building? It is not connected to a network, so completely autonomous. How can the residents stay warm?

Answers in this report from France tv nature:

The passive house, the house of the future

Do you know passive houses? 🏡 No heating, no energy bill but 100% autonomous and pleasant homes… Welcome to the future! “Research Network” can be seen at ▶

Posted by France tv nature on Monday 28 February 2022

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