VIDEO. This Parisian restaurant grows its fruit and vegetables on its own farm, 30 km away

We can hardly make it shorter as a circuit. The pantry of this Parisian restaurant is located 30 kilometers away, in Presles-en-Brie, in Seine-et-Marne. And what is special is that both the establishment and the farm are jointly managed by Arnaud Dalibot, the founder of the restaurant Mûre.

At the gates of Paris, this dedicated restaurateur and his teams grow nearly 140 varieties of fruit and vegetables all year round. This is enough to provide cooks with an interesting variety that will subsequently transform the cultivated plants. On site, chickens eat the restaurant’s compost and lay eggs. Their droppings help fertilize the soil. It’s a real “farm ecosystem”.

A week in advance, the manager determines what can be harvested and in what quantity. It is up to the kitchen to deal with it in order to offer its customers varied and balanced menus. And the chosen approach is of course on the menu. We only find meat once a week, on Tuesdays, and fish every Thursday. A good way to keep prices low to allow as many people as possible to enjoy organic, home-cooked and local meals thanks to a lunch formula at 11.60 euros (starter or main course-dessert).

Raw went to meet the Mûre team. View their report:

Mûre: the Parisian restaurant with its own farm

The back kitchen of this Parisian restaurant is his farm, 30 km away. Hearty meals with local products, meat and fish, but not every lunch… At MÛRE, everything is thought of to reduce the impact on the planet. Visit.

Posted by Brut on Tuesday 3 May 2022

A promising resilient model…

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