VIDEO. This Filipino student built an urban farm on her roof

Instead of buying fruit and vegetables from the greengrocer, this Filipino student grows them… on her roof. An inspiring concept that allows you to consume healthy, local and seasonal products. On TikTok, she teaches young people her age about gardening and encourages them to follow her ecological approach.

Just because you live in the city doesn’t mean you can’t have a vegetable garden. Wanting to grow her own fruits and vegetables, Bea Suavengco, aka Urban Farmer TV, came up with the idea of ​​building an urban farm on the roof of her childhood home. On her 5m2 farm, the 21-year-old Filipina grows no fewer than a hundred plants: tomatoes, lettuce, strawberries and various types of cabbage.

To grow her fruits and vegetables, Bea Suavengco uses hydroponics. This increasingly common technique, especially in large cities, consists of above-ground planting. The plants grow on a neutral and inert substrate (such as sand, clay spheres or even rock wool). This substrate is then irrigated with a liquid solution full of nutrients.

On TikTok, the green-fingered Filipina encourages young people her age to build their own urban farms. Goal ? “Show everyone, especially young people, that farming is not about plowing the land. We can also use modern technologies to produce food”she explains on the social network.

Here’s an overview of the fun and practical tutorials offered by Bea Suavengco:

The Essentials for Starting a Hydroponic Garden


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Plants to grow on an urban farm


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Transplanting with a kitchen sponge


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