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VIDEO. This American protests his indecent salary and decides to move into his office

Faced with his boss’s refusal to give him a raise, this American employee decided to move into the office. Simon Jackson lives in Seattle, one of the most expensive American cities in the country. When he moved to the city in the northwest of the United States, Simon could only afford a 9 sqm, the exorbitant price of which ran to $1,300 a month.

So the day his rent suddenly went up by $300 (still for 9sqm) and the start of his student loan repayment was approaching, Simon decided to request a meeting with his employer to get a raise. . The chemical engineer was then surprised to receive a refusal from the latter to organize this performance report.

In the city center, the company’s offices have been abandoned due to COVID. To save rent and get a message across, Simon decides to gather his things and move into his employer’s building. On TikTok he tells his daily life in a humorous way: cooking in the toilet, setting up camp in his box, taking a shower, etc.

His employer quickly discovered his videos and contacted him. He regrets Simon’s negative image of his company and gives him an ultimatum: delete the videos or be fired. The engineer chose the second option. Interviewed by Rawhe explains : “I prefer the unknown rather than going back to work for a company that underpaid me and didn’t respect me enough to give me a performance report.”

To save rent, he moves to his cubicle in the office

His request for storage was not considered and he was unable to pay his rent. So Simon made a radical decision: move into his cubicle in the office. And the response from his employer was not long in coming…

Posted by Brut on Thursday 7 April 2022

His videos, which have gone viral, have allowed him to be contacted by several potential employers with whom he has interviewed. Let’s hope he recovers quickly and finds a safe and caring work environment. Either way, Simon Jackson hopes his action will spark the debate on wage compensation in the United States.

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