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VIDEO. “They lie to you”: a journalist interrupts the Russian JT live

Boldness, guts, courage, courage… Everyone will choose the word that seems most appropriate to the scene below. At least they all fit. Monday, March 14, 2022, live on Russian television, a journalist waved a pacifist message that defied Putin’s regime. A gesture that exposes him to terrible punishment. explanation.

“Stop the War. Don’t believe the propaganda. They lie to you.” This is what was written on Marina Ovsyannikova’s poster. A clear and distinct message supported by the words sung by the journalist: “Stop the War! No to War!”

It happened during the state television newscast Pervy Kanal, while millions of Russians sat in front of their screens. Look (images passed on by Max Seddonhead of the office of Financial times in Moscow) :

Though interrupted by the broadcast of a hastily launched report, these images are now circulating on social networks around the world.

Just before her intervention, Marina Ovsyannikova, who has since been arrested, posted an explicit video in which she wears a necklace in the colors of Ukraine and Russia:

“What is happening in Ukraine is a crime, and Russia is the aggressor. Responsibility for this aggression rests with one man: Vladimir Putin. My father is Ukrainian, my mother is Russian and they were never enemies. The chain around my neck is a symbol for Russia, which must stop this fratricidal war immediately.

Unfortunately I have been working for Channel One for the past few years. I passed on the Kremlin propaganda and I am really ashamed of it: I am ashamed that lies were being told on television screens. Too bad to have allowed the “zombification” of the Russian people. Go demonstrate. Don’t be afraid of anything. They can’t lock us all up.”

Marina Ovsyannikova faces 15 years in prison for her actionsnot… More than anywhere else, courage in Russia has a price.

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