VIDEO. Sleep: Seen on TikTok, this trick helps fight insomnia

TikTok is always the perfect place to stock up on tips, from the most eccentric to the most serious. The latest, published by a health professional, will help you fall asleep more easily and will (above all) make you understand why it is important to (re)give the bed its primary function: a resting place to promote sleep. falling asleep.

Sleep has become a source of anxiety. If fatigue is felt in the evening in the middle of a binge watch on the couch, once lying down, it is often impossible to fall asleep. A phenomenon that has been reinforced in recent months with the successive confinements and the generalization of teleworking, which have undermined both the main function of our sweet and tender bedrooms and even more of our beds.

At the start of the year, a survey in the UK showed that 36% of Britons had trouble sleeping on a weekly basis and nearly half of the country had trouble sleeping at least once a month. A finding that could be related to the phenomenon of “conditional awakening” or “learned,” as explained by Dr. Karan Raj on TikTok. It’s a pretty simple psychological concept that we have unconsciously taught our bodies that the bed is a place to stay awake. This phenomenon has evolved greatly since incarceration, with staying at home favoring the fact that you spend all day in bed…doing anything and everything. The doctor with 4.9 million subscribers explains that watching series, scrolling on his phone, working or even eating in bed has enabled the body to associate the bed with a place of awakening.

To counter this phenomenon, it would be necessary to retrain your body to think of the bed as a resting place. No more teleworking in the recumbent position, snacks for Netflix, or spending time every evening on the networks, rather the living room or the kitchen for all these activities. You can try the advice of Dr. Karan Raj: If you don’t feel tired after 20 minutes, get up, move around other rooms, or do activities outside of your bed. When you’re tired again, go back to bed. It is a habit to form that would put an end to conditional awakening once and for all.

On the networks, this video is the buzz with almost 500,000 views. However, some subscribers question this trick, which seems so easy, not understanding why their bank always gives them this feeling of fatigue when they (also) spend a lot of time there. This health advice is not innovative, however, as it has been recommended by doctors and sleep specialists for years. To sleep better, just try to make your bed its primary function.

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