VIDEO. “Shame must change sides”: raped, she refuses the camera to her attackers

“Shame must change sides”. This is the powerful and unequivocal message of Claudine Cordani, the first French minor to refuse the camera to her rapists in the 1980s.

On February 2, 1984, Claudine Cordani was kidnapped and repeatedly raped by two men. She will go through hell for hours. She was only 17 years old at the time. If she manages to escape, she without hesitation goes to the police to charge her attackers. Later, during the trial, she explains to the judge that she refuses to keep these behind closed doors, the usual procedure when these kinds of acts are committed against an underage victim.

“It’s not for me to be ashamed. Let’s make it right: shame is not for the victims.”

Claudine Cordani at Raw

In his testimony to the media Raw, she looks back at the facts and shares her struggle to get rape recognized as a crime against humanity. This is the only way, she explains, to lift the 20-year statute of limitations that protects alleged abusers. This would make it possible to shed light on thousands of cases closed without follow-up and give victims the opportunity to file a complaint with no time limit.

Here is his testimonial (be careful, the comments regarding his aggression may shock the most sensitive people)

Claudine Cordani refused the camera to her rapists: she tells

“I am the first minor in France to refuse the camera to her rapists. It was not for me to be ashamed.” It was in 1984, says Claudine Cordani.

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