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VIDEO. PETA Unveils Shocking Ad To Limit Super Bowl Chicken Consumption

On February 13, one of the biggest events of the year takes place in the United States: the Super Bowl. This American football game is watched by more than 100 million people who usually take advantage of the rest to devour a specialty: chicken wings. To end this tradition and defend animal welfare, the PETA association is unveiling a new commercial that will be broadcast during the competition. A campaign that wants to remind us that, before they are a game snack, chickens are living things.

By 2021, nearly 1.5 billion chicken wings would have been consumed in the United States during the Super Bowl weekend. To counter this over-consumption of meat by football fans, the PETA association has launched a new ad for the 2022 edition of the competition. The video spot uses false “security” camera footage and shows a supernatural phenomenon: every chicken wing eaten by a consumer becomes a live chicken again. Even worse, the birds attack their eaters and eaters, hardly appreciating that they were fried for the pleasure of their stomachs.

This ad is part of PETA’s US chapter’s nationwide “Fight The Bite” campaign. This aims to reduce the number of chicken wings consumed on game days and encourage vegan alternatives among the American population.

“If football fans think of the live birds that need those wings more than they do and discover how delicious the vegan versions are, we bet many of them will cheer up the chickens.”PETA president Ingrid Newkirk said in a press release.

The spot will be broadcast on US sports channels and nationally during pre-game programming, in English and Spanish.

Watch (a video from PETA):

As part of its US campaign, PETA will also distribute vegan chicken alternatives such as KFC’s Beyond Fried Chicken in several cities across the United States. The animal rights association also plans to demonstrate for establishments offering chicken across the country.

An original campaign to draw attention to animal welfare.

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