VIDEO. Live, a Lebanese presenter reformulates the racists who insult her skin color

Victim of racist remarks after broadcasting a report against Lebanon’s leaders, Al Jadeed TV host Dalia Ahmad responded live to her opponents.

“I am Sudanese, I am Egyptian, I am Lebanese. Do you have a problem with my skin color? Well, she’s God’s creation. So you have a problem with God. It’s between you and God. † Al Jadeed TV host, Dalia Ahmad, did not go out of her way to respond to the deluge of racist insults she was subjected to on social networks, the AJ+ channel reported in a video published on Feb. 9.

Live, she responded to her critics in a verbal battle first published on January 20 by the channel that employs her on YouTube. His mistake? After presenting a report criticizing the Lebanese leaders, whose country is gripped by a terrible social and economic crisis.

“I don’t need to give you examples of leaders, revolutionaries or iconic figures who have this color of skin and who have changed entire nations, and their laws and their values”the presenter added before promising that she will continue her work: criticizing Lebanon’s leaders.

Watch the AJ+ video:

TV presenter reacts live to racist statements

This black Lebanese presenter, victim of racism and online insults, did not hesitate to defend herself live. She accuses Hezbollah supporters of being behind a campaign of intimidation against her.

Posted by AJ+ français on Wednesday 9 February 2022

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