VIDEO. Juventus buses from Turin exfiltrate 80 young Ukrainian refugees

The round ball also knows how to show solidarity. On Sunday, March 13, Juventus Turin announced that they had returned 80 Ukrainian refugees to Italy, the majority of whom are between 6 and 14 years old. A delegation from the Italian club traveled 2,800 kilometers to help these children and some mothers who wanted to flee their country at war with Russia. A great initiative by the Old Lady.

“We couldn’t observe without acting”, Turin’s Juventus said in a press release published on its website. On Sunday, March 13, the Italian football club announced the success of an operation to help Ukrainian refugees.

A delegation from Juve left Continassa, where the club’s training center is located, this Friday, March 11, to head to Zahony, a town on the border between Hungary and Ukraine. After a journey of 2,800 kilometers round trip, the two club buses were able to take 80 Ukrainian refugees back to Italian soil, as reported The HuffPost† Most of them are children from 6 to 14 years old and some mothers have also been repatriated. The Old Lady’s delegation, consisting of about twenty people, also distributed clothing, medicines and basic necessities to the refugees.

The operation follows a call for help from the Football Federation of Ukraine, which called for the rescue of children and young people from evacuated football schools in Kiev, Kharkiv and other areas affected by the shelling. Refugees repatriated to Italy by Juve are welcomed at the Santa Maria hotel in the province of Cueno, in northern Italy. “This expedition has great significance for all of society: we all stand with those who suffer from war, in the hope that peace will soon return.”concludes Juventus in its press release.

View the images of the operation (a signed video The HuffPost

Mobilization to help the Ukrainian people is being organized everywhere, in all walks of life, as the war continues in the country.

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