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VIDEO. Julien Doré raves after puppy theft in Brittany

Julien Doré has never hidden his commitments to the pet business. When he discovered this story of a stolen dog in the middle of the street, he immediately gave a big diatribe on his social networks. Objectives: To expose this unspeakable act and lend a helping hand. explanation.

It happened on April 29 near Plouarzel. That day, Sunny, her young American Shepherd, was robbed of a woman by a cunning and unscrupulous couple. On Instagram, the victim says:

“Having just dropped off Sunny in my car, strapped to the passenger seat, a couple arrived to inquire about information while I was in the back of the vehicle ready to load another dog into a shipping crate. The man walked away to call and the woman asked me about my babysitting services and showed pictures of her dog on her phone. They drove off in a white van, and when I got back to my car, Sunny was gone, her seat belt cut.

Since this post, the messages of outrage and support have multiplied. Among them we see in particular that of Julien Doré who, in front of the camera, said all the bad things he said about the authors of this dognapping† Look :

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A complaint was lodged with the gendarmerie Saint-Renan. Sunny’s owner clarifies:

“If you’ve seen anything, don’t hesitate to contact them or me on 07 67 57 14 18 (…) Thank you for being so kind to share as much as possible. I just want to find my Sunny who I miss terribly.”

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