VIDEO. Julia Pietri talks about her book about sex education for children from 4 years

In his book The Little Guide to Sexual Pussy, feminist Julia Pietri talks about sexuality with children from 4 years. An approach frontal, anatomical »: those who have children with their bodies. Convinced that we should not wait until puberty to approach the subject, the author adapts her treatise to address the concept of consent at an early age.

A book on sex education to talk about consent to children

Talking about consent for young children to protect them is Julia Pietri’s goal with “The Little Guide to Sexual Foufoune”. She tells.

Posted by Brut on Wednesday 11 May 2022

“Children need to be aware of what is between their legsâ€

To discuss sexuality with children, there is one condition: they must know that they have a vulva, a penis! HAS” And that’s whyexplains Julia Pietri for: Rawwe have to tell them it existsHAS”

In her booklet on sex education for children, the feminist proposes to place sex on the same plane as the brain or the stomach: an anatomical plane. When adults are ashamed to approach sexuality with their offspring, children have a very simple relationship with their own bodies:

“We have to manage to get rid of all this hypersexualization that we have integrated throughout our lives. HAS”

Julia Pietri for Raw

Becoming aware that you are having sex also means protecting it: a way of introducing the concept of consent at an early age.

‘Talking about sex education is talking about consent’

Who am I ? What is each hole for? How are babies made? What is love? To so ” don’t go ahead of the child ‘, the book is designed with open questions. Each child will answer in their own words, depending on their age.

“It’s a way of informing us about a child, of reminding us of the child we all were. HAS”

Julia Pietri for Brut

The author reminds adults that we have a body from birth, not from puberty, and invites us to give children the means to master their own bodies. HAS” Talking about sex education is talking about consent”she says.

Before concluding that society may not be ready for the “feminist revolution” that we live: “ We are ready to change the codes now †for†passing other ideas on to our children. And if you’re ready too, the book is still available in bookstores.

Gone are the days when boys were born in cabbage and girls in flowers?

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