VIDEO. In Lens, he collects unsold flowers to make the graves of cemeteries bloom

Wherever there is waste, there are opportunities to do it better and come up with useful initiatives that benefit the greatest number. Demonstration with Jordan Lourdel, a baker who envisioned collecting unsold bouquets of flowers to decorate cemeteries graves.

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Jourdan Lourdel, specifies the site, works in the Carrefour hypermarket in Liévin, in Pas-de-Calais. From his workplace, he noticed that many unsold flowers ended up in the trash after the best-before date was reached. So one day, while visiting a cemetery, he had an idea as simple as it was brilliant. Jordan Lourdel, quoted by

“When I went to collect at my mother’s grave, I noticed that some of the graves had been abandoned. I thought we could give them some color with these unsold bouquets. †

This is how the great idea of ​​Jordan, who is also chairman of an association that helps sick children (the Cartoon’s Association), was born. Since then, he collects unsold items from the hypermarket twice a week and flowers the flowerless graves in Lens cemeteries.

An approach that amazes visitors as much as it delights them:

“They ask me if it’s worth it. I answer no, they can be used without problem. I just hope they don’t take the bouquets home with them (…) But hey, as long as it makes someone happy…”

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Sometimes Jordan also offers flowers to residents of nursing homes.

Thanks to him, what was a stupid waste turns into colours, togetherness and fun. An example to follow? Secure.

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