VIDEO. In his hands, the hedgehogs in distress are entitled to a second chance

Threatened from all sides, hedgehogs are finding it increasingly difficult to survive the ordeals the human species face. Fortunately, among these people there are also beautiful and devoted souls. Demonstration with Sara Stahl who has already welcomed 440 hedgehogs in her care center.

Sara Stahl, based in Orsay, in Essonne, receives hedgehogs regularly. Even more and more. It must be said that this species does not tolerate global warming, the scarcity of insects, car traffic and the fragmentation of their territory. Among the residents of Sara Stahl are orphans, wounded and sick.

A mission for each of them: to take care of them and help them get back on their feet while preserving their autonomy as much as possible. Goal: to release them into their natural environment so that they can resume their wild life as soon as possible.

the Parisian went there. To look :

Sarah Stahl:

“All our work is to bring the animal back to nature, release it, have less and less contact with them, make sure that they are autonomous and that they eventually eat alone, hunt. HAS”

“There are many requests and more and more hedgehogs are coming to the centers. On the one hand because people are becoming more and more aware, but also because the species is increasingly threatened. There is climate change, there is the fragmentation of the territory (they can no longer move), the disappearance of insects. All insectivores suffer from lack of food.”

Sara Stahl’s health center is called Les P’tits Kipik. For more information about this association, visit the Facebook page or the website. And to make a donation, that happens here.

A wonderful and exemplary mission.

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